Hi, I’m Ronan and I’m licensed since December 2014.  My main rig is an Icom IC-746 and I also have a homebuilt Softrock RXTX Ensemble SDR QRP Rig.   For mobile operation I have an Icom IC-207H rig in the car and various handhelds including a Baofeng UV-B6, a pair of Icom IC-F4002 UHF radios and a Motorola CP040.  Also in the shack is an Alinco DR-138H 2m rig, a Motorola GM300 for 2m and a Cleartone CM7200 for 4 metres.   I have a Diamond X300 vertical antenna for 2m/70cms, a horizontal beam for 2m SSB and a 1/2 wave vertical for 4m.  For HF I use a half-size G5RV and a dipole for 15 metres.  I use digimodes a lot with a rigblaster interface but like to talk a bit too!

QSL via LOTW preferred but paper QSL cards are welcome too directly or by the bureau.  When sending cards direct please enclose funds for return postage and a SAE.   IRC are not valid  in Ireland.  Cards with no money to cover postage costs will be returned via the bureau.  I also confirm by eqsl.cc if required.

I am a member of Tipperary Amateur Radio Group www.ei7trg.ie and also Limerick Radio Club www.limerickradioclub.ie


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