Finally the WAW Award

In theory it should have been easy to work nine Irish special callsigns but the reality was different as inter-EI propagation is virtually nil on bands above 80m at the moment.  But I managed to get them all in the log mixed between SSB & CW.  I didn’t manage any digital contacts yet.  Bands varied from top band to 15m.



Awol again

Yes I know I should be writing a bit more here but I’ve been busy.  I’ve been to rallies in Coolmine and Limerick and got a few bargains too.  I picked up a Kent twin paddle/straight key combo (unusual) at Coolmine.  In Limerick I picked up a nice little Yaesu FT-50R for 10 euros!  I did need to fix the power button and buy a battery but a rugged little handheld for 30 euros overall is not bad.  I also picked up an antenna analyser at a good price too.

I also managed to get my main HF antenna (an end fed half wave) up a bit higher in the air and also in a fairly straight line.  Its now working without a tuner on most of 80, all of 40, 20 and 12.  It does need a small bit of help from the tuner on other bands although the swr is not bad.  When I get time I will try to get it tuned better but in any case it is working quite well for me.

Recent DX worked includes  C5YK (15m RTTY, 12m SSB), 6W2SC (20m CW, 17m SSB, 17m CW, 17m RTTY), 9Q6BB (15m CW), A45XR (40m CW), VP2V/K6TOP (20m CW), 9X2AW (15m CW), TI2CC (17m SSB), ZP6ARO (15m RTTY), 3B9FR (20m CW), HR5/F2JD (17m RTTY), XT2SE (15m SSB, 17m RTTY), LU5CQC (10m JT65), 5U5R (17m SSB, 17m CW, 17m RTTY,  20m RTTY, 15m SSB) – ATNO, 9N7EI (17m SSB, 30m CW), TU7C (17m SSB, 17m CW, 17m RTTY), YD3PIT (15m JT65), 9G5X (17m SSB, 17m CW, 17m RTTY, 15m CW), JW6VDA (40m SSB), S21ZED (40m CW) – ATNO, 5A1AL (17m RTTY), ZF2CJ (17m RTTY), EK/R2DY (30m RTTY), D4Z (20m SSB), S21ZEE (30m CW, 17m CW), OX3XR (30m CW), HC2AO (40m CW), 3B8MM (17m RTTY, 15m RTTY), 4S7VBG (30m CW, 20m CW), YI3WHR (20m SSB) – ATNO, 5H3MB (20m RTTY) and plenty from Stateside.  Band conditions were not particularly good but as you can see there was plenty to work including our own lads in 9N.