The bands are hopping again

Even though propagation is still poor there is quite a bit of activity on the bands at the moment with a lot of dxpeditions active.  Recent DX include TL8TT (17m CW, 17m SSB, 15m SSB, 20m RTTY), 4S7VG (15m CW) – ATNO, C6AUM (17m CW), P49X (17m RTTY), PZ5RA (20m RTTY), V31VP (15m RTTY) – ATNO, 3XY3D (17m CW), JY9FC (15m CW, 17m CW), V31AT (15m CW), 5J0NA (15m CW), C5YK (15m SSB, 15m RTTY), UK7AZ (15m RTTY), 7P8EUDXF (15m CW), VP6EU (15m RTTY) – ATNO, 3DA0TM (20m SSB) – ATNO, 9M2TO (15m CW), VU2ABS (12m JT65), P29LL (15m CW) – ATNO.  Worth noting is that the past few mornings 12m has been open to Asia/VK  although its mostly JT65.


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