I’m back…

Yes I forgot I had a blog.  Then again I didn’t have much to write either.  HF conditions have been terrible and its been a while since I heard anything new.  But today I did manage another ATNO and it took a bit of work too.  TU5MH is a dxpedition in the Ivory Coast.  They were very loud on 17m CW in the morning and early afternoon but pileups were big as it was their first full day.  Then later on they appeared on 17m SSB but not too strong with me but again there was a lot of KWs being thrown at them so no joy.  Finally I got them on 20m CW – they weren’t strong with me but were working around 25wpm and maybe they were ignoring those that were keying slowly.  I upped my speed to 20wpm and got them on the 3rd call – nice.


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