More DX

The band conditions have been poor for the past few days – I didn’t work anyone during the CQWW CW contest over the weekend.  But this morning I worked 5T9VB (Mauritania) on 30M RTTY for a new one.  I got him quite easily despite an IT9 calling him continuously on his working frequency.  Some will never listen/read…



Another ATNO

I just worked TL8AO (Central African Republic) on 15m SSB.  I got him on the first call which I was surprised with as he wasn’t very strong with me and quite a few were calling him.

A shorter callsign

About 2 and a half weeks ago I sat my Morse test.  Finally I got my new shorter callsign – EI4KN.  Now for a lot of updating!  Logging programs, LOTW, macros, QSL cards etc all need to be changed as well as memorising the new call hihi.