Another milestone!

Finally I have reached 200 entities!   I just bagged 9N7XW (Nepal) on 15m RTTY for another ATNO.


I’m back…

I’ve just bagged a new one – the first in a while.  I worked S9YY on 10m CW (nice to see the band open too).  Actually band conditions are not bad today with plenty of stations from the east on 15m.  I’ve been busy trying to find a suitable antenna system to use indoors for the winter as the shack is too cold for long periods.  My biggest problem is the foil lined insulation in the walls – its like a faraday cage!  I made a vertical antenna which worked from 15m to 20m without a tuner (and probably up to 6m but I didn’t try).  It transmitted reasonably well for a curtain rail and a bit of wire wrapped around a sewer pipe but was pretty deaf on receive.  Also I didn’t like the band change procedures!  I bought a moonraker whizz loop which tunes from 40-10m very easily.  It works well on receive in the shack with such a small loop but doesn’t seem to radiate very well.  I will have to experiment further.  Also I have started building an Az/El rotator for satellite work – the concept and electronics are tested and I am just waiting for some servos and brackets to come from the Orient.