Another new one – CY9C St Paul Island

Its nice to see another big dxpedition hitting the airwaves after a few quiet months.  RF conditions have not been good and pile-ups have been pretty big so it was not easy going for the past 2 nights.  But this evening I left the radio turned off for a while and watched some TV.  When I turned back on and when I checked for them I could not hear them on 20m at all and only NA & SA seemed to get through on 40m SSB.  I turned to 30m CW and surprisingly they were not busy and got through on the first call.  A total contrast to earlier in the day when it was literally a wall of dits and dahs on the waterfall.  Operator behaviour has been pretty poor with so many stations calling on the dx frequency – mostly Germans and Italians.  RTTY was impossible to hear on 20m today because of this.  There also seemed to be some jamming on 17m today too – I don’t know what these sick individuals hope to achieve with their lives.


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