More mail

Today the QSL card from FT4JA (Juan de Nova Island) confirming SSB & RTTY contacts arrived in a nice commemorative envelope – the French team pulled out all the stops here!



CY9C Finished

The CY9C dxpedition has packed up and gone home.  The WX got rough towards the end but they persevered with it – well done guys.  So I ended up with 30m CW, 20m SSB, 17m SSB, 17m RTTY & 15m SSB – not too bad with a small station.

Another new one – CY9C St Paul Island

Its nice to see another big dxpedition hitting the airwaves after a few quiet months.  RF conditions have not been good and pile-ups have been pretty big so it was not easy going for the past 2 nights.  But this evening I left the radio turned off for a while and watched some TV.  When I turned back on and when I checked for them I could not hear them on 20m at all and only NA & SA seemed to get through on 40m SSB.  I turned to 30m CW and surprisingly they were not busy and got through on the first call.  A total contrast to earlier in the day when it was literally a wall of dits and dahs on the waterfall.  Operator behaviour has been pretty poor with so many stations calling on the dx frequency – mostly Germans and Italians.  RTTY was impossible to hear on 20m today because of this.  There also seemed to be some jamming on 17m today too – I don’t know what these sick individuals hope to achieve with their lives.

WAE CW Contest report

The HF bands were busy last weekend for the Worked All Europe CW contest.  Band conditions were slightly improved on previous weekends allowing for a bit of DX.  I even heard WH7AA  (Hawaii) several times on 20m but was unable to get through the pile-ups.  I also heard 3W4XX (Vietnam) on 40m & 20m but likewise they got away from me too.  But I did manage to get 5H3EE (Tanzania) on 20m in the log for an ATNO.  I also managed TI5W (Costa Rica) & FY5KE (French Guiana) and plenty of North American stations  on 10m which was pleasing considering the conditions lately.  Also in the log was VP5M (Turks & Caicos) on 20m and some from South America and the Middle East.  A good weekend overall with plenty of new slots filled.

Shack cleanup

I picked up an Icom SP-23 speaker to go with the IC-746 but it transpired that I needed to rearrange the shack a little to accommodate it.  The shelves I had were not deep enough to hold the radio so I had to replace them.   While I was at it I got rid of all the clutter that had built up (nothing gets thrown out here hi).  Its not perfect by any means but it is an improvement.