Stroke portable woes


Recently I went for a trip up the Slieve Bloom Mountains to try a bit of portable operating.  Band conditions were not good that day due to magnetic storms with almost nothing to be heard on 40m.  I thought I was being clever using a long wire antenna so I could operate on multiple bands but I was taught a harsh lesson.  I could hear some strong stations on 20m coming in from Belarus and Slovakia but when I tried to work them I got RF back into the rig and consequently a QSO count of zero –  “Strong signal – bad modulation”.  The weather was not good as you can see from the picture so I made my way home to double check the rig to be on the safe side.  I had a nice chat with Maurizio IK4BPV who confirmed that the WX was just as bad in Northern Italy and that my rig was fine.


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