Another ATNO – Saint Pierre & Miquelon

As mentioned in previous posts I use a Rigblaster Nomic for the digi modes.  I had often glanced at the cluster and have seen various dxpeditions and activations using just CW and/or RTTY.  Yes I am practicing my dits and dahs but its going to be a while before I try my hand at it in a pile-up!!  RTTY using AFSK has never appealed to me using fldigi etc as you just click on a waterfall and hope it works.  The IC-746 that I use for HF does support FSK which is cleaner with no risk of splatter by overdriving the audio (as can happen with AFSK) but the Nomic does not have such luxury.  However a scour of the web shows that such devices can be enhanced by a simple switching circuit (just 1 resistor & 1 npn transistor).  It all fits neatly inside the Nomic.  I did have to make a new cable to go into the back of the IC-746 to carry the FSK signal.  Another issue I had was that I could not operate using my usb-serial adapter so I had to switch over to a desktop PC with a real COM port.  No audio goes back to the rig (FSK is pure digital) so I could use the soundcard audio output to listen in (and tune the radio like the old days).  On the first evening of operation I worked J69DS on 20m for a new country on digital.  Today I  worked FP/KV1J also on 20m for an ATNO (and confirmed already on LOTW).  I have not heard this entity on SSB before so I was pleased to get it.  It took a while to work as propagation was poor today and my 100W is not a match for the big guns but I got there in the end which is what counts.  RTTY may be an old mode but its still widely used in dxpeditions as qsos can be had quite quickly and high power can be used unlike PSK31 and JT65 modes etc.



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