More QSL Cards

A selection of some of the QSL cards I received over the past few months from around the world.


Wild Atlantic Way

Finally the year long Wild Atlantic Way operation has ended with over 160,000 qsos in the log.  It was a great success with help from operators from all parts of the country.  A big thank you must go to Dave EI6AL who selflessly volunteered to undertake all the logging and QSL responsibilities.  Hopefully the initiative helped promote Ireland and will bring long term benefit.


An (old) new shack addition

At the Coolmine rally recently I picked up a few nice items at good prices.  One of them was a Kenwood TM-D710E mobile dual bander for the car.  The other was an almost vintage 2m multimode rig – a Kenwood TR-751E.  It was in excellent working order needing only the backlight bulbs to be replaced.  Its a nice portable rig and will hopefully get good use during the summer.


Yes I’m alive

I had forgotten about this blog until I clicked on it by accident.  I checked the stats and believe it or not I am still getting a few visitors so I thought I’d better update it hihi.  I have been busy enough on HF although the early part of 2018 has not been very fruitful.  New DXCC entities worked since I last posted were Liberia, Bhutan, Franz Josef Land, Republic of Korea, Lakshadweep Islands, Annobon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Cocos (Keeling) Island, Mariana Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Philippines, Republic of Kosovo & Easter Island.  October 2017 was great with 10 new DXCC entities but they have petered out since then.

Another toy

A new dual band DMR handheld was being advertised at $86.99 from Radioddity.  I was a bit sceptical at first and thought it might have turned out like the Baofeng DMR HT in not being Tier II compatible.  But initial reports were ok so I took the small plunge (as it cost less than €75 delivered).  It works pretty well although the CPS software is in need of a bit of work.  RF performance is fine although it really does need adjustable squelch levels on analog and picks up too much intermod.  The small screen and inability to load the dmr database are also negative points.  But for the money it is a capable dual band set.


Another shack addition

One of the niggles I had with my new IC-7300 was that it could not drive the dynamic mic that I had been using with the IC-746.  I suppose I could have got a pre-amp but that would have meant another box on the shelf and more wires (and the 7300 was doing a good job of keeping that clutter reduced).  So I decided to go for a headset.  The Koss SB-45 comes highly recommended by a lot of people and has an electret element so it would work nicely with the 7300.  The only problem was getting one this side of the Atlantic at a reasonable price.  Luckily Tony EI7BMB was going back stateside and kindly offered to bring one back for me.  So the new headset cost me less than 30 euros to my door.  Anyway its a great headset and comfortable to wear for long periods and the mic works well too.  I am adding myself to that long list of people recommending the SB-45! BTW Tony got himself the SB-40 with a dynamic element as is equally pleased with it.