The bands are hopping again

Even though propagation is still poor there is quite a bit of activity on the bands at the moment with a lot of dxpeditions active.  Recent DX include TL8TT (17m CW, 17m SSB, 15m SSB, 20m RTTY), 4S7VG (15m CW) – ATNO, C6AUM (17m CW), P49X (17m RTTY), PZ5RA (20m RTTY), V31VP (15m RTTY) – ATNO, 3XY3D (17m CW), JY9FC (15m CW, 17m CW), V31AT (15m CW), 5J0NA (15m CW), C5YK (15m SSB, 15m RTTY), UK7AZ (15m RTTY), 7P8EUDXF (15m CW), VP6EU (15m RTTY) – ATNO, 3DA0TM (20m SSB) – ATNO, 9M2TO (15m CW), VU2ABS (12m JT65), P29LL (15m CW) – ATNO.  Worth noting is that the past few mornings 12m has been open to Asia/VK  although its mostly JT65.

Its a funny old game – radio

Despite the poor HF conditions I still managed to get 2 new entities today – Pakistan on 15m JT65 and Hawaii on 40m CW.  And I got the KH6 on the first call which was sweet.  It pays to keep ones ears open!  And I got RI1AND on 20m JT65 yesterday for a new band so I’m quite pleased with myself.

Another new one

Yesterday evening  I managed to work ZC4A on 40m CW.  I have been chasing this for a while and signals from Cyprus have not been good on most bands and pile-ups are big – this is one of the rarely activated European entities.  The pile-up was about 2KHz wide rather that the usual 3-4KHz and signals were quite strong so I decided that I was going to stick with it until I got them.  It took around 45 minutes moving around quite frequently trying to keep in an empty space on the waterfall!  And they were confirmed last night on LOTW which is great.  One thing that I noticed was the high level of dupe QSOs that they were rejecting – once is enough to work a dxpedition on any slot – it is only exchanging a 59 or 5NN after all and there are plenty of smaller stations that are being denied a chance because of it.

Wild Atlantic Way

Finally after 2 years of planning and negotiations the Wild Atlantic Way special event kicked into action on the 1st January.  It is the brainchild of Alan Cronin EI8EM.  It consists of 9 special callsigns EI11WAW to EI99WAW which represent the 9 counties of the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland.  It has proved to be very popular so far with a diploma available for working all 9 counties.  I have around 650 RTTY qsos racked up so far.  I am the co-ordinator of the Limerick callsign EI77WAW and if you wish to operate it please feel free to contact me.  It is open for all EI operators regardless of county.  More info can be found at

I’m back…

Yes I forgot I had a blog.  Then again I didn’t have much to write either.  HF conditions have been terrible and its been a while since I heard anything new.  But today I did manage another ATNO and it took a bit of work too.  TU5MH is a dxpedition in the Ivory Coast.  They were very loud on 17m CW in the morning and early afternoon but pileups were big as it was their first full day.  Then later on they appeared on 17m SSB but not too strong with me but again there was a lot of KWs being thrown at them so no joy.  Finally I got them on 20m CW – they weren’t strong with me but were working around 25wpm and maybe they were ignoring those that were keying slowly.  I upped my speed to 20wpm and got them on the 3rd call – nice.

A new repeater

A new 70cm repeater EI7HXR was installed last Sunday the 4th of December 2016 at Harneys Cross near Clonmel, Co Tipperary. The repeater operates on 430.850mhz and input on 438.450mhz (+7.6mhz) with a CTCSS  tone of 103.5hz required. This new repeater is licenced and run by the Tipperary  Amateur Radio Group. It is connected to the Southern Ireland Repeater Network with an output power of 30watts. On site for the Installation were Gareth EI7FZB, Neil EI3JE, John EI8JA, Tommy EI2IT, John EI7IG and Hugh EI2HI. For further information about this repeater or the Southern Ireland Repeater Network go to .Reception reports can be sent to Hugh EI2HI or John EI8JA

More DX

The band conditions have been poor for the past few days – I didn’t work anyone during the CQWW CW contest over the weekend.  But this morning I worked 5T9VB (Mauritania) on 30M RTTY for a new one.  I got him quite easily despite an IT9 calling him continuously on his working frequency.  Some will never listen/read…